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Graduation is both a scary
time and a time to celebrate

For a lot of people the end of the school year is just the start of summer vacation, but for those graduating it can be a time of worry. They worry about their futures and where life will lead them. Some will be continuing their educations at either a junior college, state college or university. Some will enroll in a trade school, but many will try and join the work force. At least the economy is on their side this year and they should find a job that will let them move out of their parent’s home.
My advise to graduating seniors, the same I give every year, is to continue your education if at all possible. I know not everyone is built to go on to college, but an education is something that can’t be taken away from you. If your parents are able to pay for your continuing education, the more the better. Stay in school as long as you can on their dime and if you end up getting a masters or doctorate, great for you, and your parents will think it was money well spent. If you have to pay your own way, take your time and work as much as you can to avoid student loans.
I’ve been working on Winters High School senior pictures for next week’s Express and, as always, I’m impressed with how great our kids look. Some do look a little worried while others look like they are ready to challenge the world. It will take a little while for reality to sink in, but by the end of the summer they will either be ready to hit the road on a new adventure or set their alarm clocks to make sure they show up on time for their new job.
I’m not sure if my time spent at Cal Poly were the best years of my life, but they weren’t bad. Was introduced to my permanent tenant while I was there and met life long friends that have enriched my life. Someone mentioned that I’m a lucky man, something to do with chamber raffles, but you make your own luck.
As I get older I realize that I have fewer choices to make, but young people have thousands of decisions to make. Those choices will determine whether they are happy in life, and/or successful, or have regrets. It is hard to tell young adults anything, but maybe they will learn to not sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff.
Life is wasted on the young.





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