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At 95, Newt Wallace — the Oldest Paperboy in the World — still delivers the “downtown route” on foot every Wednesday for the Winters Express. When he’s in the mood to write, he still uses his Underwood typewriter.

Photo by Debra DeAngelo


Oldest Paperboy in the World in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book

Express editor
Although the Guinness Book of World Records still hasn’t officially acknowledged Newt Wallace as the Oldest Paperboy in the World (the paperwork is still pending), Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has listed Wallace as such in its most recent publication, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock.” Ripley’s annual “best of” 256-page publication was released on Sept. 2, and Wallace appears on page 176.
Edward Meyer, Ripley’s vice president of exhibits and archives, explains that Ripley’s has been documenting amazing and unbelievable stories since 1918, and started producing an annual “best of” publication 12 years ago, featuring “the best, most unbelievable stories within the last year.” “Reality Shock” is an all-color publication consisting of 1,000 stories and about 500 photos, including Wallace’s.
“I’m proud to put him in the book,” says Meyer, noting Wallace’s “unbelievable dedication” as a key factor in selecting him as a subject.
Noting that Wallace’s career at the Winters Express began in 1947, which represents nearly 70 years that he has delivered newspapers on foot, week after week. At the age of 93, when the content for “Reality Shock’ was selected, Wallace was (and is) still going strong. Meyer says it’s one thing to do something for 70 years, but delivering newspapers “is not exactly the most glamorous job,” which makes it even more amazing. . . .


Luke Vice makes a big run during the Warriors varsity home opening football game against Colfax on Friday, Sept. 5.

Photos by Ken Stewart






Warriors beat
Colfax 34-21

Lowrie throws for 135 yards, rushes for 112 yards; Mathews rushes for 138 yards

Express sports

The Winters Warriors varsity football team opened their season with a convincing 34-21 win over visiting Colfax on Friday, Sept. 5. Some critics questioned coach Daniel Ward’s scheduling this year, putting a powerhouse like Colfax in the opening game.
Last year, Colfax lost just two games, one to Center High School from Antelope and the other to Central Catholic from Modesto who went on to win the California State Bowl Championship. Colfax has been a powerhouse on the gridiron for decades and this year is no different. The Warriors are just better — at least, last Friday they were.
“I didn’t want to schedule smaller weaker teams ust to win our preseason,” Ward said. “If we want to be better than we were last year, we have to step up and take on the tougher teams. We did it in our scrimmage and now we’re doing it in our preseason. Win or lose it will make us a better team, and we just proved that Friday night. I’m extremely proud of how we played and how we handled ourselves.”
The Warriors knew going in that they have an explosive offense but on Friday, their defense prooved themselves as well.
“Our defense played great,” Ward said. “From start to finish, they were flying all over the field. I haven’t seen a defense swarm like that in years. I was impressed.” . . .





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